The Dealink Difference

Dealink is the only solution on the market that handles all aspects of the real estate process. No more need for multiple programs and subscriptions to run your brokerage.

Our Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Features


Agent Reports
MLS Reports
Sales Reports
Commission / 1099 Reports
Brokerage Expense Reports
Fully Customizable Broker Reports

Agent Management
Agent Management

Agent State License
Agent Profile
Agent ICA
Agent Payment / Invoicing
1099 Filing
Agent Dashboard
Commission Payments Log
Agent Intranet / Messenger*

Client Management
Client Management

Electronic Earnest Money Processing
Outside Document Sharing
Contact Profiles
CRM Platform*

Compliance & Review
Compliance & Review

MLS Agent List
MLS Status
Broker Document Review and Approval
License Renewal Management
Deal Closeout Review

Contract Workflow
Contract Workflow

Deal Summary (MLS Data Sheet)
Document Management
Live MLS Autofill
Contract Organization
Task List
Real Time Contracts in Progress
Contract Drafting


Commission Processing
Earnest Money Management
Monthly Agent Billing
Agent Banking Wallet*

* Feature in beta development and testing.

“We saw immediate efficiencies and reduced office errors when we first started using Dealink to support our full brokerage business. Our agents love the contract management to guide their deals and brokers praise the full integration of workflows. The time and expense saved from running multiple software programs made Dealink the right choice for us.”

Dealink Brokerage Client
120 agents and $450M+ in 2020 sales