Dealink is the only software available on the market that runs an entire real estate transaction from start to finish on a single platform, keeping all involved parties updated on process workflows in real time. By automating these complex procedures, Dealink transforms how brokers and agents closed deals by making the following more seamless:

  • Build deals using contract management connected to live MLS data and utilize a highly secure e-signature that is fully integrated
  • Operate events/documents/signatures as they are scheduled and/or happen in real time
  • Process the broker’s office/back-end accounting, commissions and governmental compliance in all deals from a single platform 
  • Keep all parties on track to minimize headache and surprises that so often plague and thwart transactions
  • Generate detailed financial reports and analytics of every aspect of your brokerage business


What’s unique about Dealink is that it integrates several existing softwares into a single platform, including a highly secure e-signature feature, accounting system, electronic earnest money processing and management function, contract management combined with MLS data, and brokerage/back office review and compliance. Brokerages can save money by eliminating multiple software subscriptions that are all handled through Dealink.

By offering a program that handles all aspects of a closing, it provides better communication and efficiency throughout the contact process. The application can link together all the key players in the process (sellers, buyers, brokers, agents, lawyers, mortgage brokers and auditors).